When you are successful, so are we!

Our signature LIFE AUDITS determine your financial knowledge, fiscal discipline, and the extent of your assets. Most importantly, it will help you create the path to your dreams. 

Working with our team gives you additional perspective.

 Consider our team of professionals as a well-oiled machine working for you.  

Our main focus is helping our customers live a healthier life and that's why education is a key component to our process. We understand that a customer makes better financial decisions when they are informed.  We share industry tips and tricks plus uncover the many "pitfalls" that most financial companies don't want you to know.  We provide viable options that allow the freedom to make choices and not be forced-fed one particular idea or plan. In most industries, service providers only help you with one aspect of your life; the one they specialize in.  You go from professional to professional hoping you can piece enough information together to make good decisions about your life and goals, leaving no gaps in between.  Unfortunately mistakes are made and those gaps you tried not to create have now cost you time and money.  At Heritage, we have a different perspective on what it is to help our clients.  We take a holistic approach, becoming the epicenter of your life plan.  After consultation and the creation of your plan, our Living Benefit Specialists connect you with the appropriate professional to successfully carry out that plan.  They help you every step of the way ensuring no gaps arise and offset the risk of making costly mistakes.  Your personal Living Benefit Specialist keeps your priorities at the forefront, and that is important.  

We have established strong working relationships with professionals that meet our highest level of business standards.  Industry specific examples would be CPA's, Elder Law Attorneys, Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Solar Specialist, Investment Bankers, Funding Organizations, Credit Repair Specialists, and Business Advisers.  After all, isn't it better when all those working on your 'life plan' have a full understanding of your goals and how to properly address them? We feel that way too. A Life Audit is very much like going to see your doctor. He or she does an in-depth physical, gathering all of your health-related information. We complete an in-depth financial needs analysis asking about your hopes, dreams, concerns and goals. This information helps us put together a plan and determine which professional you may need to see.  We keep in close contact with all professionals ensuring no gaps arise and that your financial plans are properly executed.  After all, isn't it better when everyone working on your financial health has a full understanding of your goals and how to properly achieve them?  We feel that way too. So don't worry, we will hold your hand and walk you through the Life Audit process. In the end, when you are successful, so are we.

Our Mission:

It is the mission of Heritage Tax and Retirement Advisors, LLC. to be widely recognized as the premiere provider of leading financial and life products and services. To achieve this objective we must work within our targeted markets to provide timely and accurate educational resources to better prepare clients to make critical financial decisions which will drive their future financial health. We will provide one-on-one counseling, analysis, and support services throughout the planning process to ensure that both the client and Heritage make sound, objective product and service decisions.

Our Vision:        

Our main objective is to help our clients make educated decisions concerning their financial health. Our clients need viable options that allow them the freedom to make choices and not be force-fed one particular solution. We are on the move to make that happen. We understand there are many moving parts when creating a healthy financial plan and at times, many of these parts may need the assistance of certain professional service providers. That is why we have established strong working relationships with professionals that meet our highest levels of business standards.