Begin My Life Audit

Our signature  LIFE AUDITS  explore all facets of your life to determine your financial knowledge, fiscal discipline, and the extent of your assets. It is a thorough analysis of your current financial health.  It helps red flag potential pitfalls and defines typical mistakes Americans make most often.  Most importantly, it will help you create the path to your dreams.  So don't worry, we will hold your hand through the process.

The Life Audit is very much like going to see your general practitioner.  The do an in-depth physical gathering of all your health related information.  If you have specific healthcare needs, your practitioner will refer you to a specialist.  At Heritage, our Life Audit is much the same.  We complete and in-depth financial needs analysis which puts our client in the center of their financial planning.  This information helps determine which professional our clients need to see such as, insurance, mortgage, loan, credit repair, and business development, for example.  Strategic partnering with financial related businesses gives us the combined power of experts, coupled with our 24 years of expertise, creating dynamic results for our clients.

Once the client sees the professional, we are in discussion with that professional ensuring no gaps arise because gaps create financial losses.  Along the way we educate our clients by giving them industry information that most companies do not share.  This in-turn helps our clients make better financial decisions, keep more money in their pockets, and boosts plans of reaching individual financial goals.

While you go through the Life Audit process, keep in mind a few things that you may fall victim to: not setting realistic financial goals, mistaking luxuries for necessities, or looking for unexpected windfalls.  These things will be important in establishing a sound financial plan.  Especially when you think about the "What Ifs" of life.  What If we go into another recession? I live to be 100 years old? I become disabled? Retire? Have a high tax bill? I'm starting a family or new career? My business has a high electric bill? Buying a house or expanding my business? I lose my job?  What if I die?

There are many "What Ifs" that you could face but how you handle them will have a major impact on your life and wallet.  Our Life Audit is a great way to discover how the events in your life can bring a positive outcome to your portfolio.  To get started on your no cost Life Audit, please fill out the form on our Contacts Page.  A Living Benefit Specialist will be assigned  personally to you and will contact you shortly.