Melissa Hunt


Miss Melissa Hunt is CEO of Heritage Tax and Retirement Advisors, LLC, a company focused on result-oriented solutions to retirement portfolios in the senior market. Heritage’s operating philosophy centers on each client as an individual with individual situations.  Heritage helps their clients identify areas of need, giving them direction on possible solutions, and providing the tools needed to make the best investment decisions.

She attended Toccoa Falls College and UNC at Pembroke, and studied at Dale Carnegie out of Washington, DC.  She began her career 23 years ago in the financial services industry mainly in a managerial capacity.  Several of those years she managed offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States.  In the process she received numerous Industry Awards to include 6 times President Million Dollar Round Table recipient.  Her most prized Award was being #1 agent in the Nation and being the first woman to lead after only two years of being in the industry. 

Melissa consistently ranks in the top 10% of all agents nationally and has qualified for top sales conference for most of her 23 years in the industry.  During Melissa’s career, she has been presented with numerous company accolades and awards for sales, ethics, and customer service.  Melissa is often asked to speak or present for a variety of events and seminars.  In 2009 Melissa was Master of Ceremonies for an event featuring a world renowned artist.

While in the industry, Miss Hunt’s first ten years was as a captive agent for AIG, the largest insurance company in the world.  During this time she worked as a manager in Washington D.C., helping with acquisitions and mergers, all while receiving many company awards.  She left D.C. and moved back to N.C. to put together plans to open her own company.  She realized that consumers were not getting the information needed to make healthy financial decisions. To bridge this gap, Miss Hunt has been educating consumers over the past 13 years to help break the cycle of poor financial decisions.  Also Miss Hunt realizes that the days of going door-to-door to sell insurance, or any product, is slowly disappearing and companies that position themselves to use industry-specific technology will be first to reach more clients, become efficient, and ultimately make more money.   In 2015 Miss Hunt positioned Heritage to go national to take advantage of these changing times.

She is proud to be a native of southeastern North Carolina and as a way to give back to her community; Miss Hunt worked with NC State University and the Tobacco Buyout Program to educate tobacco farmers on their buyout options.  She has been a part of the nonprofit sector for many years serving as a founding member, an executive director and advisory council to several non-profit organizations.