Our advantages

Nationwide support system

In 2015 our company expanded nationwide.  Our services can now be accessed by anyone in the United States.  For example, the insurance and investment industry has traditionally been conducted face-to-face and mostly found in larger cities.  Many companies are now using electronic applications that are easier for Living Benefit Specialists and clients to fill out and provide faster processing. So, not only does Heritage have agents on the ground, but through the use of technology and the internet, we are able to provide services to individuals in locations that are remote or too far to reach face-to-face. 


Here at Heritage TRA, education is our number one focus.  Like in most sports, or games in general, there are rules & regulations you need to know in order to win.  The same could apply to knowing the rules and regulations to living life to the fullest, or a life on the side lines if you don't know how to play.  That's why we have made it our mission to teach everyone how to make better financial decisions just by explaining some of the rules surrounding the everyday choices we have to make.  

Our Network

We provide online and face-to-face classes and seminars to teach specific financial concepts through our partnerships with community colleges, universities, nonprofits and other organizations around the United States.

Why Choose Us

Because we're good at what we do.

Our firm is comprised of honest, accessible, and constantly learning professionals that see every client as an individual. With over 24 years experience in the industry, we offer our services and the confidence of treating each person in a manner where they believe in us; doing what is right for them. Being an independent firm with access to all of the top companies gives us the ability to offer the best products to our customers. The partnerships we have made with financial related professionals helps us cover every aspect of your financial planning. 
  • We are a full-service firm that caters to a diverse clientele base 
  • 24 years of experience working for you! 
  • We take the time to explain all options available 
  • Integrity assures a level of customer service and leadership unsurpassed in the industry 
  • Clients relax in a non-pressured environment 
  • Knowledge and trust will help guide you in your financial planning decisions