Lumina Sun
Lumina Sun Inc.

We are committed to helping our communities, that's why we are building partnerships around the country to help individuals and small and big businesses become more profitable.  Our most recent partnership is with Lumina Sun, a patented solar panel company that helps reduce or eliminate the need for electric power.  We are currently meeting individually and in group settings making local and regional farmers aware of this technology to help move them forward, make better financial decisions for their farm and families and become more profitable.  If you own a business, are a contractor/developer looking to make a new housing development a 'green' community, or an individual who would like to invest in solar farms, we want to talk to you.  We will show you how your investment in solar panels can save you money on your electric bill, how you can take advantage of tax credits on your investment helping you reduce your tax burden, all while helping the environment at the same time, giving you long term residual income and more profit in your pockets.

Solar energy is paving the way to a clean, sustainable energy future. A solar panel system will provide your business or family with access to affordable green energy and Energy Rate Independence. (tm)  Lumina Sun uses top quality products that have a 25 year manufacture power production warranty.  The superior panels are guaranteed that after 25 years, they will still produce over 80% of what they produced when new. By using this technology you and possibly your next generation will benefit for years to come.

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